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with a hook and some love…

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i’m jumping right in to this blogging thing head first!

so here i am. yet another blog written by another creative, intelligent, cute, funny, kick-ass chick. damn skippy. i dont think theres a limit to those types of blogs.

im brand new to blogging. to reading and writing them. i mean, ive checked out the odd blog for free crochet patterns or for my Pinterest boards but im not a follower of any blogs. im not a subscriber. im not sure if i will become one of those people but i know im ready to throw my two cents into the pot as a writer. contribute my thoughts, ideas, opinions and hope one or two people out there might be interested in what i have to say/do.

here we go!

so im not offering this blog to my friends and family as a whole as of yet as im going to blog about a secret project that a certain pregnant lady cant find out about!

yes i stole the idea but i dont plan on selling it or recreating a pattern to sell so thats ok right? plus i couldnt justify paying $9usd for some pattern when i know i have the skills to figure out how to do my own version of it.

Im sure if youre into Pinterest or crochet or both, that youve seen this blanket (i’ve linked to the pattern being sold on etsy if you should want to purchase the original). it is a gorgeous blanket! so im making my own version. i had first thought about making it out of individual stars but then the stars i was making were too big and the smaller version just didnt look right so i made up my own 6 petal flower and am sticking to it!with a hook and some love.

I think it turned out well. im using 3 different colours of 100% cotton  yarn i purchased from aldi or lidl ages ago. my pregnant friend and her partner are choosing not to know the sex of the baby prior to birthing it and i know these are colours she loves so thats why im using yellows and blues. plus there is a massive chance the baby will be a  gingy (i married one i can say it) and i think it’ll look super cute wrapped up in these colours.

and yes boys can have flower blankets! boys like flowers too. and if they dont, they should.

i used the yellow and turquoise yarns, last month, to make a dress for my best friend’s little girl. she turned 2 in january and they live in Canada so i only see them once a year. i want to be a part of her life and it gets tough sometimes so i thought she could have something special other than a hat, from her auntie who loves her so much she could scream.

with a hook and some love.

this was the first dress ive ever made AND i didnt use any patterns. i just did it free style.

not too shabby for someone who only learned how to crochet in august 2010 eh? mmhmm :) definitely proud of myself for finishing that project. and it actually looking like a dress!

ok, thats all for now. im sick of looking at the screen. ive been playing around with all the themes and settings on this thing and countdown is almost over! i also have 100+ little flowers to crochet.

back soon :)

~bty xox


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  1. I love the flowers – looks good. I know what you mean when you say it took you hours. I have been going for a month and it does get quicker and easier. I find the worst bit is balancing the crafting time with the computer time (I get sucked in reading other blogs!)


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