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i always knew big companies only see dollar (sorry, EURO) signs where human beings are concerned. they also assume we are brainless dollar signs.

i know THIS isnt new information to most of you. but sometimes it just doesnt sink in until you experience certain things such as receiving your home owner’s insurance renewal letter in the mail. this happened to me the other day. we’re due on the 19th for renewal yet they sent the letter over easter weekend, im guessing they hoped i wouldnt have enough time to shop around…WRONG, MOFO!

so you think you can up my premium by 15 euro PER MONTH after two years without a claim AND you think you can get away with it by trying to scam me out of enough time to change companies? nuh-uh. guess what suckers, im from north america, the land of opportunistic insurance companies run by fraudulent assholes. i know the tricks of your trade better than you!

ive spent a good hour of my morning on the phone to other agencies looking for quotes and am happy to have received reasonable ones. now i can go back to my existing company, as jerky as they are sometimes its better to negotiate a deal with them and stick with them rather than jumping all over with different insurers. hopefully, theyll match the other quotes and i wont have to switch around but either way im still the winner in this.

oh, and about the euro not dollars issue. im so sick of people trying to correct me when i say dollar when i refer to euros.

guess what ? you know to what it is im referring so dont act like a dipshit and be all holier than thou.

i dont jump down your throat when youre in canada and talking in euros…you know why? because im not an idiot. i can figure out your cryptic speak and understand youre talking about MONEY!

so stop thinking youre so awesome with your shitty euro talk and correcting me everytime i say dollar.
i really dont enjoy it. and you just look petty.


~bty oxo


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