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loving Lidl, but no mustard?

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if youve ever shopped semiregularly at a lidl or an aldi, youve experienced the excitement of their special buy days and the ‘taste of’ months they offer. when the yarn/sewing days pop up i can feel my entire body tingle with excitement. if i had a working automobile id probably visit lidl more often than one should. instead, i have to ask a friend to drive my sorry ass to the other side of town so its a once a month (maybe) opportunity as i dont want anyone feeling used.

they have great food items too, today i saw celeriac! wow! ive heard of this wonderful root veg and dreamt of peeling and slicing and crunching it but tesco or dunnes think youre an alien when you ask when they might carry such a thing and no local veg markets have them either. Leave it to Lidl! mind you i still didnt pick one up. i was on a mission, you see. plus we have enough veg to get through, i dont need to be adding more and risk throwing anything away. i REFUSE to turn veg into refuse!

if its growing something else just cut that bit off and eat the rest of it. thats how my gram did it and thats how i do it!

anyway…the mission to Lidl was for teriyaki sauce as they had their ‘Taste of Asia’ this month, so i could make my cousin’s awesome hot & sour soup for me and my friend.

id been able to find plum sauce miraculously at tesco and frank’s red-hot sauce is being carried by dunnes for some strange happy about it so i wont ask about it.

being Canadian, ive taken it for granted that simple things like finding teriyaki or plum sauce would be as simple as going to ones regular grocery store and walking down the sauces aisle…but ive been proved wrong many a time living here, in Eire.

the first time i was denied at the grocery shop was when i wished to bake chocolate chip cookies only to discover they would cost me nearly half of a days wage to make two dozen. one teeny tiny bag of chips for close to 2 punt in those days! jeez-louise!
now its teriyaki and plum sauces for a simple soup. when will i learn.

so the hot&sour was a great treat for us today. id finally nagged my cousin enough times to get the recipe from her..or kind of recipe. shes one of those people who doesnt pay attention and just chucks things in a pot in hopes itll work out each time and it does, beautifully. i love her but i want to punch her sometimes. shes got the gorgeous genes and was always the reason boys ever talked to me in highschool. thats a page for therapeutic blog ;)

for now, soup! so we got to lidl, got the teriyaki – ended up being two bottles of teriyaki and one bottle of oyster to find recipes for oyster sauce. gah!

on my last-minute list was mustard..youd think going to a german shop that theyd actually have an entire aisle dedicated to the wonderful condiment but would you believe, after finding cases of teriyaki sauce, the only mustard i found was at the very end of an aisle and on the bottom rack AND it was ENGLISH MUSTARD!!! a tiny little jar of the stuff. what a disappointment, Lidl. after youd come through for me so many other times with such strange ingredients and even yarn, you do this to me with the mustard.  youre lucky i love you so.

oh i also picked up a great scale, some compost to do some transplanting over the weekend, plant food for my indoor plants and some of those crunchy rice snacks..yum. im a sucker for crunch.  onwards, home. back to my place for some soup prep and slurpage.

i didnt take any pictures because i was too busy yakking while cooking but i did snap one  when all was said and done and we’d already consumed 2 bowls each. it didnt look very appetising so i deleted it. trust me though the soup is unbelievable!

mouths on fire, happy tongues smacking our lips. oh man i love this soup!

my friend is on weight watchers so we pointed it all out and it worked out to only 4 pro points ber 250ml serving! woowoo!

so i thought id jump on here and share the recipe with the world! now this is the recipe as i tweaked it because my cousins recipe would have had our heads blowing off our bodies!

also, i was thinking this soup is so versatile, of course you could make it without chicken or with some kind of white fish or even prawns, you could also add noodles, id say glass noodles would be best and keep it light tasting. i was thinking of adding some rice the next time i make it..if i can find all the ingredients again! you could also load it up with veg as long as they are finely diced , again to keep the soup feeling light. make it once the plain way and youll get what i mean. also, this recipe makes around 4.5 L of soup so please use a big stock pot otherwise half the recipe. this soup will definitely freeze well, just cool it completely before sticking in your freezer.

                 NicNic’s Hot & Sour Soup

  (approx 16 servings, 250ml per serving, 4 weight watchers propoints per serving)

  • 8 cups (2L) chicken stock
  • 2 cups(500ml) plum sauce
  • 2 cups(500ml) teriyaki sauce
  • 2 and 2/3 cups(700ml) hot sauce (franks red hot is best)

-pour all above ingredients into stock pot and bring to boil, turn down heat and leave to simmer while preparing rest of ingredients below. (i put a bit of water into each bottle and shook them up to make sure i got every last drop of sauce)

  • 3 bunches of scallions, sliced
  • 2lb(1kg) diced chicken, boneless and skinless
  • 2tbsp grated ginger
  • 4 large cloves of garlic grated or finely chopped
  • 1tbsp oil for cooking

-heat up oil in a pan then add all above ingredients and cook until chicken is browned.

-add to pot of simmering stock and let simmer for another 15 minutes just to let the chicken soak up some hot&sour yumminess.




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