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the wrinkled age

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today, i logged into Facebook and found a most disturbing post in my news best friend looking for some miracle cream to rid her of her frown lines.

im sure, to most women my age, counting lines on their faces isnt something out of the ordinary but for me its shocking. for me, i see weight issues and im working hard to change the equation of ‘fat=unattractive’ in my head. but to see lines in your face, that are completely natural and a sign of life, to be unattractive and disgusting and something you would inject poison into, disturbs me greatly.

im trying hard not to be judgemental here. and in my heart it is more concern than judgement. my mother fell for this when she was living in the U.A.E. it surrounded her. flights to Bangkok for the weekend to get your lids lasered or a quick brow lift. she even got some sort of plastic gel injected into her frown lines and lips which ended up crystallising and causing her enormous pain. she used to heat metal spoons and press them against her lips to help soften the plastic and move it around..she ended up burning her lip and is scarred permanently. Now, she is following the treatment of other patients in Milan where a doctor seems to be successfully treating them with laser therapy to break up this hardened plastic.

all in the name of beauty and youth.


there was nothing more beautiful to me on my gram’s face than her wrinkles and knowing there were stories behind every single one of them along with wisdom, compassion and patience. see past the lines.

the wrinkled age.

and please,  dont ever inject poison into your body purely for vanity, that is insane behaviour.

dont get caught up in this beauty regime. its purely there to make you feel bad so you spend money.

fear and consumption.

youre more beautiful frowning than you are with botox.

~bty xo


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