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ok, so im a complete bore right now. but ill admit it. i have two of these blog things on the go. one is for therapeutic reasons and i write anonymously and then there’s this one, which ill eventually put on facebook and share with people in my life. ive even been neglecting my therapy blog but i refuse to be hard on myself. i will write in them more often…im just creating the habit now and trying to find my flow. im by no means a wordsmith and i know i can babble on and even jump all around with my writing but i tend to write as i think or think as i write?

anyway, today i thought id share some of my favourite websites. those few i go to that arent facebook, wordpress or email accounts.

they may interest you too. they are a mix but are mainly resources for food or crochet or other fun things im interested in.

Food sites:

Crochet Sites:

  • – exactly what it says on the tin. free patterns all over the place for anything you can imagine!
  • – you need to join to see any patterns but its free and fun! for knitters and crocheters or those talented humans who can do both. thousands of patterns some free some not but all available for inspiration and a great community.
  • – tutorials, tools, stitches, free patterns, great communication, just a nice little big site :)
  • Crochet Geek – Free Instructions and Patterns – possibly the BEST place for tutorials on everything crochet from how to create a magic loop to crocheting hats, blankets and doilies. she also has a youtube channel. definitely check it out!


Other Fun Sites:

  • Rebtel – the cheapest long distance ive ever found. you can use your landline, mobile or computer for calls. similar to skype on the computer but far more versatile and not owned by google, yet. clear connections and calls are free on your mobile if you use their app and the person youre calling is also a rebtel app user. woowoo! free long-distance  is always a good thing.
  • our feminist playschool – a superb blog by a close friend. children in your life? this blog should be on your list!!
  • tv shows – streaming any show you want for free. great site especially since icefilms was wiped out with the whole megashare b.s.
  • – most people know Etsy and the high-priced handmade heaven its become. i know i know the prices reflect the quality and length of time it takes to create some of these items. i too have an Etsy shop and i struggle with pricing my products fairly for both me and the consumer. anywho..still a great place for some hidden one of a kind treasures.
  • – no brainer here. get an invite and get started on your Pinterest journey. just pin it!
  • – im sure something like this exists where you live and if it doesnt, get talking about it!


As promised, nothing very imaginative here but just a few of my favourite sites. give them a go. i dont have to promote these sites. no ones giving me anything to do this, i just wanted to share some sites that some people might not know about. there are so many shit sites out there, i always find recommendations useful.

thats me for today. keeping it simple and boring :)

loads of love.



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