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he had the skills to pay the bills.

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Thank you for everything.
(this picture is from the site)

Im not going to say much here. Mostly, because I dont have the words that could possibly convey the gratitude and love I have for this man and the amazing Beastie Boys and what they gave to me as a young girl. and gave the world.

Im just going to share some of my favourite MCA lyrics with you and know that his words, music and charity will live on forever.

I Keep My Underwear Up With A Piece Of Elastic
I Use A Bullshit Mic That’s Made Out Of Plastic
To Send My Rhymes Out To All The Nations
Like Ma Bell, I’ve Got The Ill Communications

-Sure Shot from Ill Communication

Roses are red the sky is blue
I got my barrel at your neck so what the fuck you gonna’ do
It’s just two wheels and me the wind in my eyes
The engine is the music and my nine’s by my side
Cause you know Y-A-U-C- H.
I’m takin’ all M.C.’s out in the place
Takin’ life as it comes no fool am I
I’m goin’ off gettin’ paid and I don’t ask why
Playin’ beats on my box makin’ music for the many
Know alota def girls that’ll do anything
A lot of parents like to think I’m a villain
I’m just chillin’ like Bob Dylan
Yea I smoke cheeba it helps me with my brain
I might be a little dusted but I’m not insane
People come up to me and they try to talk shit man
I was making records when you were sucking on your mother’s dick

-3 minute rule from Paul’s Boutique

But Little Do You Know About Something That I Talk
About I’m Tired Of Driving It’s Due Time That I Walk haa
About But In The Meantime, I’m Wise To The Demise
I’ve Got Eyes In The Back Of My Head So I Realize
Well I’m As Cool As A Cucumber In A Bowl Of Hot Sauce
You’ve Got The Rhyme And Reason But Got No Cause
But If You’re Hot To Trot You Think You’re Slicker Than Grease
I’ve Got News For You Crews You’ll Be Sucking Like A Leach

-So What’cha Want from Check Your Head

I rock on the mic from here to Bombay
I give it my best and say come with may
‘Cause everybody’s got their dues to pay
I’m looking sideways like my man Pele


Dip dip dive so-socialize
Open up your ears and clean out your eyes
If you learn to love you’re in for a surprise
It could be nice to be alive


Well you can shuffle number but facts is facts
So many billionaires while so many lack
So before the poor decide to react
Well Come on party people and share up your stacks

-Alive from The Sounds of Science

and if youre someone not familiar with the Beastie Boys, check this out. the first song on Check Your Head.

R.I.P. Adam Yauch a.k.a. M.C.A.
~bty xoxo


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