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so, all those people are right. adding a little movement to your day can help you lose weight.

ya, im a slow learner.

four pounds of me got lost during this past week. it’s just disappeared.

im not bothered ive lost it. im actually quite content. im hoping more of me will disappear without a trace in the weeks to come.

im using my own researched version of weight watchers to help me control how much i eat during the day, funny thing is i wasnt eating enough in the day so my body was storing everything away. i actually eat MORE by following this home-made w.w. i also have made myself accountable to someone outside of my circle every week. luckily she is also my therapist so i weigh myself on therapy day and go in and tell her if ive lost or gained. yes, it’s based on an honour system but if im gonna lie to my therapist about my weight than i need more therapy than i thought.
im in my second week of physically working on losing weight. its been tough to motivate myself everyday. the first week i went for two walks out of three and did a hell of a lot of housework. result: didnt lose or gain weight. this second week, ive done 3 out of 4 walks and lost 4 pounds. FOUR FREAKING POUNDS!!!

i cant imagine what it will be once i get to walking 5 or more times a week. its invigorating! it’s the best motivation of all! plus its made me feel proud of myself again.

wow. who knew four missing pounds could mean so much.

im not sure when ill be back for a post but i know more of me will be missing :)

gotta get out living! ill dust this thing off in a few days and give you the attention you deserve.

~bty xo


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