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expectation can only lead to disappointment

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i know this yet i continue to expect.


i want to stop expecting or if that can’t happen at least stop feeling disappointment in others where i have no control.

let me share the story.

i stole an idea from a smart blogger. a gift for my mother who happens to be turning 60 this summer and who will be visiting me prior to her birthday. a gift of memories from people in her life: past&present.

what a great idea for the person who has everything…or the person whose wants are too expensive for you to buy :) my mum has expensive taste in accessories …louis and Bulgari to name a few. anywho! i sent a polite email 8 weeks ago asking for a memory from each person, hand written and signed then posted or scanned and emailed to me by the end of may. we are hitting mid june and ive received maybe 15 memories from people who mostly represent my mothers past. her closest friends and dearest family still have yet to send me anything.

im sad for my mum. and im angry and disappointed that they can’t even take 5 minutes out of their hectic lives to write a note about someone they say they love.
i ended up writing an email to everyone, thanking those that had sent in their memories and then i was just honest and explained how sad and disappointed i was with those close to her that had not sent in their memories  yet. i gave them one more chance to send them in and within two days of sending that email i received an email from almost every one who hadn’t sent something in, apologizing and saying they were in the midst of sending one in.

i hope they do. im trying  my hardest not to expect anything! maybe ill be happily surprised instead of sad and disappointed once again.




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