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down with UEFA

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just a quickie post after the Poland v. Russia match that just ended…yes i watched it.  i actually enjoy watching soccer, im just not obsessed with it. it’s a game. it should be fun to watch. i dont want to talk about it for hours on end.

anyway, what i would like to discuss is the fact that UEFA knew it was going to be Russia day when they scheduled this wonderfully tolerant tournament in Poland and the Ukraine.  i know it’s a few who are causing the trouble but between the hundreds of riot police required around the pitch in case of a flare up in the stands and the fact that racial remarks and actions are causing teams to have to move to the other end of the pitch just to kick a few practice balls, couldnt this all have been avoided by having the tournament hosted elsewhere? or was the lure of free press from all these horrible occurrences just too tempting for UEFA to pass up?

im disgusted and disturbed at whats happening off the pitch in Poland.
dont even get me started on the murdering of dogs in the Ukraine prior to this tournament….you should be ashamed of yourselves.



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