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making lemonade out of the European Championships 2012

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i’m a widow for a few weeks.

no, my love hasn’t passed on, he’s sat near me in a soccercoma – yes i say soccer because soccer is just what it is, look it up.

instead of rolling my eyes at him every time he turns to me to tell me some wonderful anecdote about this commentator or that midfielder, i figured i’d try to figure out some of the ins and outs of blogging.
so far i have discovered how to create menus and how to organize posts better in such menus..woowoo! also, i found a much more fitting, i feel, theme for this blog. i am considering fluffing about with Photoshop to create some funky header but let’s take it slow for now….baby steps are key.

i feel like such a late bloomer with regards to the blog world even though as most of you probably did, i had a live journal account eons ago when i was a ‘chatter’. i even had a GeoCities webpage! remember those? i tried to teach myself some html basics but most of that has left my thirty-something brain. thank goodness for templates.

im just in learning mode, lately. i feel like i havent fed my brain enough. i need to start reading again. what i need to do is stop thinking about it and just get off my ass and do it.

so here’s to Euro 2012 and hoping itll get me learning something new!
either that, or my house will be squeaky clean.

i wonder what ill teach myself tomorrow.


p.s. feel free to leave any tips and tricks.


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