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oh, Mel.

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is he really a racist or just a misunderstood drunk?

im slowly coming to the conclusion that Mel Gibson is an old drunk who tends to talk too much about things he shouldnt when pissed rather than a raging racist full of hatred and wishing there were a new holocaust. im not saying i condone hatred of anyone, im just saying i think hes not as hateful as some would have us believe. i think he may have upset the wrong people in Hollywood.

and, since most of hollywood (and the world) have started hating him and not plugging any of his films, ive actually enjoyed them and him.  i think ive seen most of his work between Apocalypto and Get the Gringo and have truly enjoyed all of them. Especially that Beaver one. Just good film. Seriously.

The husband and I watched Get the Gringo a few nights ago and it was really good. Its a good action movie. Mel doing what he does best. Making fools of those out to get him. Its not going to change your life or solve any major world issues but it will make you laugh and hopefully forget some of your worries, what any decent movie should be doing. They are made for entertainment, when did they get so evangelical? i want a movie to take me away. if i want something real, ill watch a documentary.

its late, im tired. g’night :)

~bty xo


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