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OMG, @AB RT’d @CalvLyfeson!!!!!!!!!

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I may be the only person in the modern world who doesnt have a twitter account.  i dont really want or need one.  i actually tried to register my betterthanyoko name on twitter just so no one would take it BUT SOME WANKER HAS IT ALREADY!!!!!! and s/he isnt even using it properly!!! how irritating.

anywho, my lovely husband has an account and guess what?! Lastnight, one of his favourite celebrities retweeted him.

Finally, all of the hours he spends between his laptop and samsung galaxy have paid off. all those ignored conversations, the arguing over his tweeting and facebook addictions….RESULT! ALEC BALDWIN. this isnt some retweet by some sparkly actor of the month. this is Alec. wow.

This isnt our first brush with fame on twitter. One of my closest friends was just retweeted the other day by a Literary superstar:

Retweeted by Margaret E. Atwood

That is some hardcore retweeting going on in my wee world. Im so happy for both of them :) remember, its the small things in life that make it exciting.

This is the genius of twitter. theyve cut the six degress of separation between us and Kevin Bacon (or in this case, Alec Baldwin&Margaret Atwood) to just one.

Maybe I will join twitter….



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