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the right to die, with some assistance.

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B.C. judge quashes ban on assisted suicide.

i just dont understand at all where these anti-euthanasia people are coming from? do they have zero commonsense/logic?

obviously, legislation will be in place to minimize the risk of abuse in euthanizing  terminally ill patients/elderly. theyre not going to just say go to it! its not the government legalizing murder. its saying they wont prosecute those who assist anyone wishing to die before some disease does it. i’d assume theyd put in place similar prerequisites as they do with abortion..speaking with professionals about all of their options, making sure theyre not being pressured into such a decision and are of their own free will.

i truly believe, in this respect, we treat our pets better. we will let our terminally ill suffer in their death while we watch and feel helpless but we will rush to the vet and give our dog a peaceful transfer between our world and whatever’s next the moment we feel theyre suffering with something..even prior to treatment in some cases.

i understand there will always be people against such a thing, as with abortion but you can still be against it when its legal. why does your opinion have to stop someone else from making an informed choice on what to do with their own body? why should their choice put them in jail because you dont agree with it? when it comes down to it, it is a choice a person is making with regards to their body and life and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. yes,  you could be affected because you love that person, but its still their choice.  most of us live in societies based on our rights to choose, we should want more options and not seek less.



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