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stung and loving it

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so its been awhile…im not the first or last blogger to ever neglect their blog so im not going to babble on about how life got in the way and how i meant to write but just didnt get around to it.

i didnt write, we’re over it. i hope you come back to read what i do write without expectation and with open heart and mind.
now to the beer….

thanks to a good friend of mine who just reminded me to blog or else i would have been content in my laziness to only review this on facebook…you know who you are!

so here it goes my first beer review. its not in glorified detail nor am i a professional beer taster. i just like beer. well, thats a lie. ive always disliked most beer. then i realized id mostly been drinking lager. i got turned on to a wonderfully popular irish stout in my late teens at a plastic paddy pub in my hometown and didnt look back for yeers (beer time).

in those days id easily put back 5-7 pints of the black stuff a night. hey i was in my early 20s, living in dublin and at the prime of my beer drinking/partying life. now, im married to one of only a few nondrinking irishmen so we dont frequent pubs and my drinking has slowed down so much i can count on two hands how many pints ive had this year. im not complaining. its great that we have time and money to do other things, such as feed my crochet obsession and my love of discount shops but ive realized, i do like my alcohol.

i rekindled my love affair with it when i saw Jose Cuervo premixed margarita on sale at Tesco one day and had to buy it. i love me some margaritas. and it was cheaper than buying bottles of everything and having to mix it up. i just wanted it when i wanted it, stat. and for that reason alone, its a great purchase. anyway this is for beer….one day i did some research and discovered i might be more of an ale gal. so i jumped in the deep end and bought 5 different ales from Tesco, their 5 for a tenner special. loved them all! since then ive tried maybe 10 different ales and have my favourites…ill list them in another post. i know i prefer darker ales and i am definitely partial to a honey brew.  i dont mind an IPA (India Pale Ale) but only if its ice cold and im very thirsty.

this afternoon, i tried something i thought id never consider, a nettle ale from River Cottage. Its called Stinger and its made form organically grown, hand picked, Dorset nettles and it is one of my favourites so far.

                                                      Stinger Organic Ale

it is a beautifull bright, light beer with no harsh or bitter after taste, not like most golden ales ive tried. it is a fruity, malty, bubbly beer on pour but to be honest i didnt get much of a tongue tingle as most reviewers seemed to experience. i also think if youre not much of a pro than you wouldnt even guess it was a nettle ale if you werent told. i definitely tasted more of a subtle citrus note to it than a nettle-y one but then again i havent eaten any nettles im just referring to the herby green smell, nettles have.

this isnt to say though i wouldnt drink it again and again because i would, in an instant.

its going on my summer ale list of favourites and i would recommend it as a great gift to anyone on your list who enjoys beer or anyone looking to try ale for the first time. I couldnt think of a better introduction into the world of ales.


hoppily yours,

bty xo

p.s. next up for reviews are a banan bread beer and a double chocolate stout…oh ya :)


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