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my newest venture is in jewellery making..yes i know, everyone is doing it these days.

what i think i may be doing that most people arent is trying to work with quality materials not just costume jewellery.

so i bought me some sterling silver wire in different gauges to get a feel for it. ive already pieced together some earrings but with prefabricated hooks and pins. i think theyre pretty but i know i can do even more with the wire AND semi precious gems.

my goal is to get to a place where i can hopefully use recycled silver and off cut gems and minimize the newness of everything, get me?

trying to teach myself something i decided to try my freehand at wire shaping and out came these!

I know theyre not perfect, but thats the point. theyre handmade! artisanal, if you will.

im really proud of them considering they are my first attempt at working the wire in such away. might i add this was done freehand. i dont have any funky little boards with bendy cylinders. i have 2 grippy pliers, 1 round nose pliers, one set of wire cutters and two hands. thats what made these. i know, i havent invented the wheel, here, but i made hearts out of silver wire! and i was patient and successful :)
really, if you know me you know how special this is for me. i am not a patient person nor do i consider myself successful at many things-yes im in therapy.

ok, im out. just thought id share this with all ten of you :) thanks for amusing me and reading this post.

i love ya !

checkout my etsy shops too! &

much love

-bty xoxo


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