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reap what you sow…

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who knew there was so much truth in all of those clichés?!
and who knew it took so much hard work to get organized and build the life you want to live?
maybe the question i should be asking is…why has it taken me almost 34 years to wake up to the truth?
i lack self-discipline. i tend to run when things get too tough. its much easier that way but it leads to feelings of low self-worth and that just sucks.

i tell ya, if you havent done any therapy, you must! it’s a real eye opener.

im trying to get myself organized in life and work.
i dont even know where to begin. theres so much i want to do.
and so many places to find guidance, i know.

i just need to take that step..that first one. the toughest one.

i feel like im on the verge of something great….




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