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it was just a break, not a break up…

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there is no way its been 5 months since i was last here…

WordPress doesn’t lie.

it has been.

i see this page every time i turn on my laptop which hasn’t been often since i got my wee archos tablet. oh and candy crush saga is pure evil. what a wicked little time sucker.

ive no excuse for not writing, just lots to tell!

firstly, two of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer but both will be a-ok :)

still an emotional struggle to hear that word but knowing it won’t win is a great thing!

also, this art bomb project im a part of is off and running! i’ve received a number of pieces and cant wait for the rest to start pouring in!!!! we need as many as we can get so go here ,  and give us something :) thank you

the jewellery adventure is going well! had my first custom order for these babies…..


loved making them and they have arrived safely :)

im hoping to sell at the festival in july so i need to make many more earrings and crochet a bunch too!

i even tried my hand at some bracelet/earring sets…do you like?

braceletsetcollage (bracelet sets can be purchased here only)

ok, i will be back more often. im off to create a website at and make an advert button for a friends website which has taken off! shes doing very well with it and im so proud of her.

please check out if youre a woman with any web design/blogging needs :)

~bty xoxo


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