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i did it! i clicked around and made a wix website.

i dont know html so dont laugh..i cheated and used wix :) i think it looks good.

let me know what you think!!

a good friend told me i should just buy a domain and use WP with one of the shopping cart plug-ins.

i think i may just do that….i need to learn how to make better decisions and stop jumping into things :) oh well..sometimes thats half the fun.


silver earrings handmade in ireland..ethical and sustainable

~bty xo


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  1. Hey, like the website – I did mine myself too :) It was a bit fiddly but I managed.

    • betterthanyoko

      your site looks great!! im still tweaking things here and there. with wix it was fairly easy as im not versed in any of the languages. it was just a matter of clicking things to add or take away :)


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