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bespoke jewellery…to make or not to make

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i enjoy the idea of making something specifically for one person. that they can participate in the creation of the item theyre going to wear.

handmade bracelet made in ireland girl jewellery handmade bracelet made in ireland girl jewellery

the colours the style, the choice. but it frightens me a bit. maybe im just jaded from all of my past customer service positions. but some clients can be overly fussy and honestly, a pain in the ass. and i think creating custom made pieces can only entice those kinds of people to your business. then i think am i limiting myself in business by not making more custom jewellery?

i dont advertise freely that i make custom pieces, but i will. it expands my creativity, which i welcome! im just held back by the chance of having to deal with nightmare customers.

but i also enjoy making what i want to make and that moment when someone sees my creation and wants it for themselves. thats a great moment.


do you make bespoke anything? what are your experiences?




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