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i feel shitty, oh so shitty…

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im one of those wonderful people who feels the need to be right and also feels i have to rub peoples nose in it when theyre wrong.

i know , i can hear you all saying, wow what a great trait! it really is.


so through therapy ive come to recognize this feeling inside me, acknowledge where it stems from and how to curb it. sometimes, it just gets the better of me.

the other day, wow did it get the better of me and on social media..woohoo! way to go, me!

i was a part of a group on facebook in which its members post items they no longer need or ask for things they want…all items are free and there are many wonderful rules and power tripping admins as exist on all well run facebook groups.

now i knew it was being run by a cliquey group of women as many had already accused them of favouritism and other mind numbing crimes so i should have known better. but theres some part of me that loves a confrontation, even with dumbasses.

so i clicked on the group a few days ago to have a look around and see what was on offer…a piss pan, some boots, childrens clothing, some books..then i see this posting for someones business page, which usually arent allowed but im sure shes someones buddy so go for it. anyway, the post is for some competition this person is having and to enter shes asking for likes on her page and for people to share it/ well, if you run a business page and have read the terms and conditions on facebook, youd know that facebook doesnt allow these sorts of competitions and is actively taking down pages who host these competitions so with no agenda whatsoever and without any thought (it was 7am and i hadnt even finished my first cup of coffee), i posted a link to an article explaining dos and donts of facebook competitions, thinking i was being helpful and in the spirit of the page and community.


then this admin pops up and asks if thats spam from my account.

now, most normal human being would have left it at that but no, i had to show her how wrong she was in deleting my post without even reading it so i told her that…she replied oh thanks but shes not forcing anyone to like her page..i let her know thats not the point, i dont make the rules i was just trying to help out and share them…she then said oh thanks for that…and then i suggested an apology for deleting my post would have been a better reply. she disagreed. i then realized id gone too far with something so trivial and left the group, quickly.

im a dork. im embarrassed for my behaviour. but i just wanted her to see how right i was and most importantly, how wrong she was but im the one that feels she had her nose rubbed in it.

lessons being learned…this one may take some time.


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