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the best is yet to come. (repost from a few years ago)

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i dont know if im doing this blog thing right. maybe i consider it more of a note pad where i can quickly jot thoughts down…i hope you dont care and just enjoy.

i was just on facebook  on one of my business pages, checking out some other pages and trying to do a bit of networking. a response to one of my comments got me to thinking how much people fear aging.

i dont at all. not one bit of me fears growing old. i may fear disease that could accompany the aging process such as osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s (please dont say old timers, you sound like an idiot) but the actual aging itself, whats to fear?


my grandmother at 93.

wrinkles? wrinkles arent scary. they are lessons learned, choices made, heart-break, beautiful moments, tears of joy and sadness…they are your life leaving its mark.

grey hair? seriously? it’s just hair. it may suck coming in but just go with it.  you need to read a paper or turn on the news, there is so much more to be concerned about in the world around us than what colour your hair is or isnt, anymore.

to each their own, i know. i just feel that too much of how we operate in the western world is based on the celebration of youth…whats there to celebrate in youth except youth? it’s littered with mistakes and hard lessons and far too much loss and heart-break to keep track of…if i had a choice id want to be older. wiser. experienced. comfortable.

the only thing i miss from youth is all the sleep.

what i would give for a straight 12 hours.





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