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All About Me…

Thanks for coming by to check me out.

I’m 34, married with two furbabies (cats named Rufus and Dash). I am a Canadian who lives in the west of Ireland. I enjoy cooking, baking, crochet, handmade everything and am trying to get on the path to a healthier life.

I hope to share most of my journey here, with anyone who cares to join me.

a few suggestions when reading my blog:

  1. im not submitting any part of this blog for grading so please do not police my grammar/spelling, etc.
  2. negative energy is not welcome.
  3. i welcome comments, questions, advice, opinions and i will do my best to respond, dont take it personally if i dont :)
  4. please, only like/follow my posts/blog if its genuine. i dont reciprocate likes or follows just because you liked/followed mine.


this is not a blog for Yoko bashing.

i am a big Beatle fan. John is my favourite so the name springs from that.

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