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everything needs to be sold  in this sale.

i need it gone!

check it out :)

the best is yet to come.

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i dont know if im doing this blog thing right. maybe i consider it more of a note pad where i can quickly jot thoughts down…i hope you dont care and just enjoy.

i was just on facebook  on one of my business pages, checking out some other pages and trying to do a bit of networking. a response to one of my comments got me to thinking how much people fear aging.

i dont at all. not one bit of me fears growing old. i may fear disease that could accompany the aging process such as osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s (please dont say old timers, you sound like an idiot) but the actual aging itself, whats to fear?


my grandmother at 93.

wrinkles? wrinkles arent scary. they are lessons learned, choices made, heart-break, beautiful moments, tears of joy and sadness…they are your life leaving its mark.

grey hair? seriously? it’s just hair. it may suck coming in but just go with it.  you need to read a paper or turn on the news, there is so much more to be concerned about in the world around us than what colour your hair is or isnt, anymore.

to each their own, i know. i just feel that too much of how we operate in the western world is based on the celebration of youth…whats there to celebrate in youth except youth? it’s littered with mistakes and hard lessons and far too much loss and heart-break to keep track of…if i had a choice id want to be older. wiser. experienced. comfortable.

the only thing i miss from youth is all the sleep.

what i would give for a straight 12 hours.




The Mother of All Insults Part Deux: The Plot Thickens

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August 1 is Non-Parents in celebration of that im reblogging a great post from one of my favourite bloggers, Bluestockingmuse,on this topic.

Emerson Fitz and The Apartment Project

Good evening :)

I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves wherever you happen to be reading from. August is upon us, entirely too soon in my opinion. But alas, here we are. Lots to get through this month – but I wanted to get this down on paper.

Eighteen months ago I first wrote on the Apartment Project about my childfree choices. Since then, something has changed, but it’s not what you think.

I still feel that, for me, I do not want to be a mother. In fact, the intensity with which I feel that has only grown since the last time we talked about this. And yes, people still balk at me, giggle, or smirk when I tell them how I feel. But something new has arisen, as well.

After my former flatmate and I went our separate ways, I had many conversations with a lot…

View original post 611 more words

gimme shelter…

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we got a gazebo.

one of those,  lots of tubes fit together and you want to kill each other while youre trying to put it up kinda ones, nonetheless a GAZEBO!!! oh, it was free :)



i wont name names but they know who they are. we also received a few chairs and a table is on its way :)

i cant tell you how wonderful it is after 6 years, to have the ability to sit in my back garden and enjoy it.

this morning was my second morning with it.  my second morning sitting out with my first coffee of the day at 6 am listening to birds, feeling the cool breeze before the heat of the sun breaks through the clouds and smelling my roses.

i love the gazebo. i love the garden.


thank you, secret gifters xoxoxo


its not the heat its the humidity…

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this isnt right. this heat, in  Ireland. its just not right. i love this country for its overcast skies and rainy days. i love it because its not too hot and not too cold…..not this week. id swear i was back home in Canada except, no central air conditioning! huge bummer. it makes for sleepless nights and long hot sweaty days.

oh well. it cant last forever :) my rainy days will come back soon and all will be right in the world.

last weekend was amazing and exhausting and frustrating.  the last 6 months have been spent chasing down artists and crafters to donate pieces of work to a community art project a friend of mine came up with to help spread art and craft deeper into the community. into homes that may not have had the experience otherwise. its definitely been a labour of love.  lots of time spent practically begging for free stuff which can be tough in the art community but , i found, very easy within the crafting community.

id say almost all of the crafters i communicated with directly actually donated something bar one or two. and out of the artists, maybe only a third of the ones i spoke with did the same. its interesting. im not sure why that is.

anyway, we ended up collecting just over 50 pieces of art & craft from the international and local communities. i was blown away with the amount of effort put into each piece. really, it was inspiring. to see how much time and effort people had spent on a donated piece of their work.  all we could give them was advertising. hand out their business cards and spread the word as far as possible….and they were happy with that. happy to have their item go to someone who loved it, who may never have had the chance of owning something like it.

art bomb project

so the deal with the project is its held during the Ennis Street Festival in early July. we posted little black bomb signs all over town centre that said ‘free art’ on them and then directed them to our tent set up in a certain area, where they could bring their bomb and trade it in for a piece of art or craft on display.

we chose which pieces to display each day so we would have a broad choice of items, from soft toys to sketches to melted crayon art and jewellery! we really had something for everyone.  everyone was so appreciative bar a few greedy people who thought they could take as many bombs as they could find for themselves..ya in your dreams, go away. of course, we were much more diplomatic than that :)

nevermind the jerks, the majority were fantastic and supportive and understanding and happy to get something for free….something they loved!

i feel so fortunate to have been a part of this project. if youre on facebook check us out, The Art Bomb Project. we have loads of photos from the weekend being posted this week.

maybe we can inspire others to do something similar in their communities :)

now back to that darn table runner…still 24 squares to crochet!

ciao :)





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