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handmade jewellery made in ireland

I started making jewellery in Autumn 2012 after having worked in a local Sterling Silver Jewellery shop.  I came to the realization that I was capable of making earrings similar to the ones I was selling.

I decided I would need to bring something else to the market if I were to sell my own pieces.     I also didn’t want my new hobby to become a burden on the Earth or anyone creating the beautiful beads and findings I needed to create the jewellery.

This took me on a search for ethical and sustainable materials at an affordable price.

My pieces are all one of a kind. There may be scuffs or chips, slight fractures in the up-cycled beads which gives them character and a uniqueness not found in most jewellery.

All earrings are mirrored pairs to help frame the face.

I’m also trying to create pieces that will last.

Pieces you can consider passing on but also wear day to day.

You’re buying more than just a pair of earrings from Terramor,  you’re helping to heal our earth as well as support small communities all over the world.


I started a crochet goods shop on a whim in late 2010 only months after being taught how to crochet by a close friend (Ready!Set!Stitch!)..thinking the world would be adorned with all of my recycled crochet creations. Then I realized its near impossible to source used linens where I live. So it has become more of a hobby.  Im happy to make custom items for people so just contact me if youre looking for something specific.


I am  member of the Etsy Ireland team and happily promote my fellow members shops and creativity.  Click below to your heart’s content!

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