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gimme shelter…

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we got a gazebo.

one of those,  lots of tubes fit together and you want to kill each other while youre trying to put it up kinda ones, nonetheless a GAZEBO!!! oh, it was free :)



i wont name names but they know who they are. we also received a few chairs and a table is on its way :)

i cant tell you how wonderful it is after 6 years, to have the ability to sit in my back garden and enjoy it.

this morning was my second morning with it.  my second morning sitting out with my first coffee of the day at 6 am listening to birds, feeling the cool breeze before the heat of the sun breaks through the clouds and smelling my roses.

i love the gazebo. i love the garden.


thank you, secret gifters xoxoxo


it was just a break, not a break up…

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there is no way its been 5 months since i was last here…

WordPress doesn’t lie.

it has been.

i see this page every time i turn on my laptop which hasn’t been often since i got my wee archos tablet. oh and candy crush saga is pure evil. what a wicked little time sucker.

ive no excuse for not writing, just lots to tell!

firstly, two of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer but both will be a-ok :)

still an emotional struggle to hear that word but knowing it won’t win is a great thing!

also, this art bomb project im a part of is off and running! i’ve received a number of pieces and cant wait for the rest to start pouring in!!!! we need as many as we can get so go here ,  and give us something :) thank you

the jewellery adventure is going well! had my first custom order for these babies…..


loved making them and they have arrived safely :)

im hoping to sell at the festival in july so i need to make many more earrings and crochet a bunch too!

i even tried my hand at some bracelet/earring sets…do you like?

braceletsetcollage (bracelet sets can be purchased here only)

ok, i will be back more often. im off to create a website at and make an advert button for a friends website which has taken off! shes doing very well with it and im so proud of her.

please check out if youre a woman with any web design/blogging needs :)

~bty xoxo

now is the time to abolish that antiquated ammendment.

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don’t tell me your right to bear arms is worth even one of those lives.

not including this latest shooting in Connecticut.

roses, cowls and kittens, oh my!

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Not that im the busiest person in the world at the moment, i definitely could be doing more marketing/advertising for my jewellery. Im still learning what works and what doesnt…please leave advice for me if youve found something that works for you!

but even the slackers among us deserve some downtime from whatever it is we’ve been doing. today is one of those days. i woke up much later than usual and remembering id cancelled my therapy appointment for the afternoon. ive not been making any new jewellery on my husbands advice of selling what i have first. ive turned my head back to crochet and a big incentive was that i actually sold one of my boobie hats, without any advertisement of the shop or my wares! another German sale…hey ill sell them to anyone anywhere! i think theyre great.


The Handy Hooker on Etsy.
sunshine rag rug, crochet kitten, boobie hat.

It always feel great to sell something youve created to someone, especially when that someone is a stranger in a faraway land.

in the past few nights ive crocheted two kitten toys (one black and one white) and ive started two cowls. one for a close friend of mine and another to possibly list on Etsy. ive been thinking a lot about my Hooker shop and whether or not i should shut her down. i love to crochet. do i love it as much as making jewellery? i think i do but in a different way. im finding i love crocheting for family and friends and doing it once in awhile and posting a few things here and there. with jewellery i find i could just make it all the time for everyone. i almost feel addicted to it. to the creative freedom it gives me. a feeling ive never experienced before.

so today, and the last few days, have been a break from that high. and it feels good. it feels good to handle some hooks and yarn. to know that i can walk away from the wire and beads and still want to do it but not only do that, creatively.


im not sure how much sense all that made…but i didnt have my therapy today. so forgive me and just nod and smile ;)




terramor holiday sale :)

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Its my blog so i can promote my jewellery as much as i want :)

plus i made all of these yesterday and today and want as many people as possible to see them and buy them?

they are not sterling silver but they are salvaged/vintage beads.

please click the pic and like my facebook page, pass it along and maybe tick a few gifts off your list?  the sale items are available for purchase through facebook so check out the photo album labelled ‘sale’ and follow directions :)

free shipping on all sale items!

thank you muchly xoxo

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