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gimme shelter…

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we got a gazebo.

one of those,  lots of tubes fit together and you want to kill each other while youre trying to put it up kinda ones, nonetheless a GAZEBO!!! oh, it was free :)



i wont name names but they know who they are. we also received a few chairs and a table is on its way :)

i cant tell you how wonderful it is after 6 years, to have the ability to sit in my back garden and enjoy it.

this morning was my second morning with it.  my second morning sitting out with my first coffee of the day at 6 am listening to birds, feeling the cool breeze before the heat of the sun breaks through the clouds and smelling my roses.

i love the gazebo. i love the garden.


thank you, secret gifters xoxoxo



a simple request.

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i know im brand new to this blog world and i dont even have ten followers but if even one of you chooses to pass this on or even make a donation yourself, i’ve accomplished something good.

a very close friend of mine in Canada is a doula and has a client in need..please read her post and pass it on at the least. just click the picture below.

i know money is tight right now but it doesnt cost you anything to share this story and possibly help someone out.

thank you in advance :) you did good!

~bty xo

a clowder of crocheted cats to come

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all of the children i know, under the age of 5, are getting one of these this year. for their birthday AND christmas!

i have found the easiest, cutest, cuddliest crochet project, ever! I give you, the Crochet Cat by Marmalade Rose. This example was done by me, in one evening. my first stuffed toy. she stands a few inches tall and maybe 6 inches long. her features are soft so they are safe for all ages. and she is just adorable.

a clowder of crocheted cats to come.
Thank you Marmalade Rose for giving us your gorgeous kittycat pattern.
Ive been searching high and low for a cute cat pattern and this beats all (free)  patterns out there.

im not one for intricate patterns and this one is very easy to follow. just remember she is writing in UK terms so her dc is a sc for the US crocheters. i actually used a US hdc for the body of my kitten and worked 22 rows of hdc + a single row of sc to make the 34 rows of sc that the pattern calls for. it worked out great. the dimensions were fine im assuming because it looks like the picture :)

i used sc for the head and tail. i just prefer the hdc BUT as i work this second kitten, im sticking with sc as the hdc makes for larger holes when stuffed so the stuffing shows through (not that you can tell on this grey girl but the black one im doing it might show up if i dont use the sc). did that make sense? sometimes im not as clear as i wish to be with direction.

anywho, first kitten down and a few more to go.

im thinking i may even pop a few up for sale on etsy or facebook and see how they go.

im still working on that flower blanket too, i realized i need 20 of each flower not 12 so im still trucking along.  this was just a welcomed break. my fingers were crying out to make something other than flowers for a couple of days.

here are more pictures of the grey kitten…black one to come.

a clowder of crocheted cats to come.

a clowder of crocheted cats to come.

happy crocheting!

mrrrrow ;)

~bty ooxxooo

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